maandag 18 december 2017

P352 Inchie Moose

Deze MOOSE knipte ik uit een papierblok van de Action.

5 opmerkingen:

Dianne Ayers zei

This moose is fabulous...I see so many interesting things from Action on the videos of German and Dutch crafting friends! I feel like jumping on a plane and flying over...with a large empty suitcase! DX

Jolande zei

The Action is fun, but they always have the products for a short periode.
Last week I have been to New York, with an almost empty suitcase and I visited Staples, Michaels and Dick Blick, I thought I was in heaven :-)

Margriet zei

Grappig hè, wij zijn jaloers op hun hobbywinkels en zij zijn jaloers op onze Action LOL

Cathy zei

Beautiful moose!

freebird7100 zei

That moose is awesome