donderdag 5 februari 2015

Tag Along #75 Rethink Gesso

We blijven denken bij Tag Along... moesten we vorige week Pink thinken, deze week moeten we gesso rethinken.
Ik heb gesso in huis en heb het rethinked en besloten om toch maar voor witte verf te kiezen, omdat gesso een killer is voor stiften en pennen.

7 opmerkingen:

trompke zei

Wet thinken wat af... Ik moet deze tag nog bethinken want ze waren achterop met de sneak peak. Ja, gesso is funest voor schrijfthings.
Leuk bedacht!

Jolande zei

Sneak peaks lopen vaak achter. Ook moet je steeds kijken of het er al staat of niet, ik vind jouw systeem véél beter.

Kay Wallace zei

Not sure which of the techniques in the video on my blog you chose to use, Jolande, but you did get a good result and a tag with a great message! Thanks for playing along with use at The Tag Along Blog Challenge this week!

Jolande zei

Hello Kay,
I didn't know there was a video we had to watch before making the tag.
Yesterday evening I saw the new post from Tag Along in my reader.
It showed a picture of your tag and the new theme and than the text "this week, the wonderful Kay is joining us and would like us to use GESSO in a new way...if you don't have gesso, white paint is a good substitue.

More of the text didn't show up in the reader and as we never had to watch a video before for the other 75 tags I have not for a moment thought any further than the theme :-)

I don't like gesso because it kills my pens, so I drybrushed white paint on a part of the tag, that's.

Greetings from Jolande

Jolande zei

Kay I think you can better ask Mandy if she will put it in the text on the page.
Now there is only a link to your blog and the tag, but there is no mention that we have to go there to watch a video.

Rosie Schirrmeister zei

A wonderful tag, Jolande

Coco zei

You made a lovely tag, very peaceful and the gesso adds to the quiet feeling. Coco x