maandag 2 november 2015

Inchie: Emotion

Ik had dit stickertje nog liggen en het paste mooi op een inchie.

9 opmerkingen:

Jean Chaney zei

Everybody loves a smiley face :)

MySpecialist zei

Cute as :)

sally zei

Happy smiley faces are the best!


freebird7100 zei

love the smile!

Kia zei

how fortuitous that you had the perfect sticker for this week's inchie

cstocks zei

How wonderfully perfect! Life is good! Have a brilliant day, Jolande. c

Margriet zei

Hier word je toch happy van :-)

chrissie zei

A really happy inchie. It made me smile

Love Chrissie xx

Trillian as zei

Very happy inchie. Hope you are happy too.