maandag 24 augustus 2015

Inchie: Pavillion

Dit vond ik een heel moeilijk onderwerp.

8 opmerkingen:

Jean Chaney zei

I couldn't think of anything unusual to do for this week's prompt either. You have a very nice pavilion though!

Margriet zei

Inderdaad erg lastig, ik heb dan ook nog geen idee!!!

cstocks zei

Jolande, it looks like a tree house or a little cabin in the woods...either would be a refreshing change of pace and i think that's what a pavillion is for--to rest and relax.
Have a brilliant day! c

freebird7100 zei

love this pavilion, I would love to be there!

Kia zei

lovely pavilion in the forest. It was a difficult one this week.

chrissie zei

Really beautiful inchie
Love Chrissie xx

hungrycorgistudio zei

I would love a studio in such a nice wooded space. Beautiful. Sarah

Ann zei

I love your little tree house!